New Law Enforcement Center Update

The Council Bluffs Police Department, after outgrowing its current 39-year-old building, begins its journey into a new law enforcement center. Voters approved a $20 million bond issue in a Special Election last May.  Chief Tim Carmody said, "The citizens truly care about this community.  When they care about something, they come together to support it.  That's what we saw with the passing of the bond issue. They recognized the need and importance of a modern, functional facility and boldly invested in it."

The design and architectural planning began in September and continues to  evolve.  The first iteration of the plans included all the key components, but came in at 58,000 feet.  Team members and design staff sharpened our pencils, refined the plans and pulled it into 52,000 square feet.  Currently, the public entrance will be on the south side, upper floor of the building, while the employee entrance to the building will be on the north side, lower level.  We will continue to review and polish the plans to make sure that we reach our stated goals: 1) Provide professional service, 2) Provide modern, functional and safe work conditions, 3) Plan for long term growth, 4) Be responsive to changes in crimes/duties, and 5) Be fiscally responsible with our taxpayer's investment.

As the project progresses, the goal is to let bids Spring 2017 with the hope of starting construction on our Woodbury Avenue site in June 2017.  The land sits west of Interstate 80 at the Madison Avenue exit.  We have included the current rendering of what the site and floor plan may look like.  As the City Planning Team was reminded, please keep in mind that both the floor and site plans will continue to change to meet project, department and community goals.

The City hired Hoefer Wysocki Architecture of Leawood, Kansas to help the City Planning Team with the project.  Design services include architectural, interior design, structural, mechanical, electrical, IT, security, plumbing and landscape design.  Chief Carmody said, "We are working carefully to make sure we design and build a facility that will address our community needs when the doors open and for the next 20-25 years."  Carmody wants voters to know they understand and appreciate the investment they made when they approved the bond. 

City Council Update 4.10.17
On Monday, April 10, 2017 at the City Council Study Session members of the project team, including Mr. Ken Henton - Managing Partner with Hoefer Wysocki Architecture, Mr. Radd Way - Principal from Project Advocates, and Chief Tim Carmody provided an update on the project to the City Council and Mayor Walsh.  The slide show can be found here: Council Bluffs Law Enforcement Center Project 
CB_Site Plan 10.26.16
                                                Site Plan

CB_Public Floor Plans Department 10.25.16
                                                           Floor Plan