The Legal department provides legal services to the Mayor, City Council, and all City departments. We also provide legal guidance to the various independent boards and commissions in connection with the function of city government.

This department prosecutes criminal and civil court cases to enforce the laws of the City and defends the City and its employees in civil court cases that may arise out of the performance of their official duties.

Some documents prepared by this department are ordinances, resolutions, contracts, and various other legal documents necessary to the operations of the city.

The Legal department does not provide legal advice to persons concerning private matters not involving the City

The City Attorney is Richard Wade, who is appointed by the City Council. The department also has two assistant city attorneys and two paralegals. The Assistant City Attorneys have different specialties/roles as follows:
  • David McCann works primarily with the claims and lawsuits filed against the City of Council Bluffs.
  • Graham Jura is the Council Bluffs Civil Rights Commission Director and primarily handles civil rights complaints within the city limits.