Curbside Recycling

Residents on Council Bluffs City waste services have unlimited recycling year-round. The following items are accepted on the curb as long as they are separated into Blue Week materials and Green Week materials.

  • #1 - #5 Plastic Containers and Cartons - butter tubs, laundry detergent containers, milk jugs, pop and water bottles, squeezable containers, yogurt containers, rinsed, no plastic grocery bags or Styrofoam; all containers must fit inside your curbside bins or containers
  • Aluminum & Metal - food and beverage containers, rinsed
  • Mixed Paper - brown paper bags, junk mail, magazines, newspaper and everything that comes with a Sunday paper
  • Cardboard - must be broken down/flattened and no larger than 3'x3'
  • Glass - Food and beverage containers, Pyrex, window glass, etc. 
 Here is the recycling calendar from April 2017 to March 2018.

Recycle Bins

  • Each household should have two blue recycling bins and one lid. 
  • If you move into a house that does not have bins, call 712-328-4985. 
  • If you move out of a house on City garbage service, the recycling bins must stay at the house; they are the property of the City. Write your address on teh bins in case they blow away. 
  • Extra recycling bins may be purchased at the Council Bluffs Recycling Center for $8.00 each. Lids cost $4.00 each. 
Small - my-waste collection day JPGyCalendar 2017-2018