Dodge Trust Board of Trustees

The Dodge Trust is managed by a Board of Trustees established by the 1989 City Council of Council Bluffs, Iowa. The purpose of this Board is to have charge, control and supervision over the trusts created by paragraphs 7 and 11 of the Last Will and Testament of General Grenville Dodge. After carefully studying the will of General Dodge, the Board has determined in order to fulfill the wishes of the late General, distributions of the income from said Trust should be focused upon charitable organizations or agencies that provide for basic human services to the residents of Council Bluffs, Iowa.

The purpose of the Dodge Trust is to provide funding to charitable organizations or agencies that provide services to the residents of Council Bluffs. Since its inception in 1989 when the City received 1/3 of the residuary estate of General Grenville Dodge, the Board has overseen the Trust’s assets grow from $900,000.00 to in excess of $3 million and has distributed in excess of $2 million. In addition to the $25,000 donation made to the Pottawattamie County Community Foundation, the Board intends to distribute approximately $100,000 this year.  The deadline to submit the 2020 Grant Application form is 5 p.m. on Friday, November 20, 2020.


  • 4:00 p.m.
  • Spring and Fall
  • City Hall, 209 Pearl Street - 3rd Floor Legal Department


Name Appointed Reappointed Expires
Jay Meldrum 12/17/2001   07/01/2007
    06/25/2007 07/01/2013
    06/24/2013 07/01/2019
    06/10/2019 07/01/2025
Sam Irwin 01/06/2003   07/25/2005
    07/25/2005 07/01/2011
    08/22/2011 07/01/2017
    07/10/2013 07/01/2023
Bobbette Behrens 10/10/2005   07/01/2011
     Chairperson   08/22/2011 07/01/2017
    07/10/2017 07/01/2023
Kelly Douglas-Jones 07/10/2017   07/01/2023
Michael Sciortino 08/12/2019   07/01/2021
    08/09/2021 07/01/2027