Fees for Recycling Construction Material

The Council Bluffs Recycling Center recycles construction material, concrete, lumber, etc. 

Material Description Price Per Ton Minimum Charge
Clean Concrete Quantities less than a pickup load. $28.00 $5.00 (360 pounds)
Construction &
Demolition Material
Drywall, carpeting, roofing,
siding (wood or vinyl), treated
lumber, railroad ties, and
home furnishings
$55.00 $5.00 (180 pounds)
Lumber - clean, untreated Unpainted and untreated construction
lumber, lumber that does not include 
roofing, spikes, laminate, or drywall 
*nails are permitted
$28.00 $5.00 (360 pounds)
Any loads containing regular garbage, such as food, clothing, small toys, fecal matter, etc. will not be accepted.