Curbside Recycling


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The City of Council Bluffs offers residents the luxury of curbside recycling. Recycling is picked up on the same day as garbage and yard waste. Download the Printable Recycling Calendar and hang it on your fridge!

Recycle Bins

  • Each household is provided two blue recycle bins and one lid 
  • Recycle bins are property of the City of Council Bluffs and must stay with the house
  • Extra bins may be purchased at the Recycling Center. Bins: $8 Lids: $4
  • Need bins? Call (712) 890-5454

Blue Week Recyclables Collected

  • Paper: Newspaper, office paper, junk mail, magazines, books, etc.
  • Cardboard: Broken down and flattened, no larger than 3’ x 3’ brown boxes, cereal boxes, etc.
  • Glass: Rinsed food and beverage containers, no broken glass

Green Week Recyclables Collected

  • Metals: Rinsed food and beverage cans, aerosol cans, etc.
  • Plastics #1 - #5: Rinsed food and beverage containers and cartons, laundry detergent containers, shampoo bottles, etc.

Visual Guide: Blue Week & Green Week Recyclables

There are no set times for collection. Garbage, recycling, and yard waste must be set out by 7:00 a.m. on your scheduled collection day, or as early as 7:00 p.m. the night before. If set out late, it will not be collected until the following week, limits still apply.

Calendar 20-21