Our Recreation Department manages the youth and adult sports leagues. We have a long history of providing community based recreation opportunities to our community.  Our recreation complex is recognized as the premier softball and baseball complex within the region, while the fields within our neighborhoods and community parks provide for spring, summer and fall play.  

Curious if your scheduled game has been rain out?  Call our  RAIN OUT LINE: 712-890-5290

Our Initiatives

Restoring our baseball/softball fields. Our sports technicians and maintenance crews are completing work on one of the fields at Valley View Park.  The infield was uneven, the soil was extremely compacted and did not drain well.  We anticipate the work being completed within the next couple of weeks. 

Valley View Park

2020-05-07 VV ballfield 012020-05-07 VV ballfield 03

Our sports technicians and maintenance crews completed a restoration of the Sunset Park baseball field in the fall of 2019.

Sunset Park

2020-05-07 Sunset ballfield 03

2020-05-07 Sunset ballfield 01

Fitness in the Park:  We are looking to team up with local fitness companies and offer fitness classes in our park.

Coach Resources

How to Coach Kids informative course from The National Parks and Recreation Association (NRPA)