Park and Trail Closures

Due to the unprecedented flooding and water inundation within some of our parks and along our trails, it is necessary to have the following closures within our park system.

Tom Hanafan Park - the entire park is closed - until further notice.

Big Lake Park - the entire park is closed.

Mosquito Creek Trail - approximately .5 miles south of I-29, the trail is closed as it passes under the railroad bridge until further notice.  The removal of the cage is schedule to occur by November 15, 2019.

HWY 275 Trail, this trail will experience intermittent closures due to the frequent water rising and receding across the trail, just east of 24th Street, near 24th Street is closed until further notice.

Levee Trail - N 28th Street to Avenue G is closed.  We anticipate it reopening around late-November. .