Emergency Snow Routes

Council Bluffs Municipal Code 9.34.020 - Declaration of Emergency Snow Parking Regulations

When it becomes necessary for the city to cause snow and/or ice to be plowed or removed from its public streets, avenues, alleys, or other public places due to the accumulation thereon causing a hindrance to traffic and constituting an emergency requiring the same to be plowed or removed, the mayor or his/her designated representative shall, by "appropriate public media," declare the commencement of such emergency situation, and the enforcement of emergency snow parking regulations as hereafter set forth, which regulations shall remain in force and effect until lifted by the mayor or his/her designated representative, except that any public street, avenue, alley or other public place which has become cleared of snow and or/ice from curb to curb for the entire length of the block shall automatically terminate the emergency snow parking regulations. For the purpose of this chapter, the accumulation of snow and/or ice on any public street, avenue, alley or other public place deemed sufficient for the application of emergency parking regulations is hereby defined as being such accumulation thereof which hinders the safe movement of vehicular traffic in general thereon, or which impedes the ability of emergency and public announcement by means of broadcasts or telecasts from radio and television stations KRCB, KETV, WOWTV, KMTV, or KTCB-17. The mayor or his/her designated representative may also cause such declaration to be announced in a newspaper of general circulation in this city, when time permits. The public announcements shall also specify the time and date the emergency situation shall be in force and effect. (Ord. 5029 2 (part), 1991).

Emergency Snow Route Map
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