Interactive Map

FIRST AVE Interactive Map

Check out the new map here: FIRST AVE Interactive Map 

We have developed an online interactive map to present the layers of analysis developed for the First Ave Transit Alternatives Analysis project. The map currently only contains potential alignments, potential station locations, and multimodal analysis (biking and walking) layers. Eventually, additional layers will be added. Clicking the link will take you to an overview page. Click the “View Map” button to proceed to the map. When you first load the map, not all layers are turned on. If you click a layer in the right-hand side legend, it will toggle on or off. Many layers are clickable for more information.

We would like you to take the opportunity over the next week or two to comment on any areas that are particularly challenging for biking/walking, missing data, or other potential errors you might notice. You can also provide general comments of locations that you think might be particular opportunities for redevelopment, walking/biking improvements, transit destinations, etc. There are two ways to provide comments:

  1. Click on station locations and enter comments
  2. Use the “add segment” and “add point” buttons on the righthand side to draw lines and points, respectively, which you can then add comments to.

Adding your name is optional, but preferable in case we need to follow up for clarification.