ATV Ordinance

On March 08, 2021, City Council passed ordinance number 6446 which authorizes all-terrain vehicles to be operated on the streets of Council Bluffs with the following exceptions and requirements. Ordinance 6446 went into effect on March 11, 2021.

All-Terrain Vehicle Requirements:

  • The vehicle must have not less than 4 wheels.
  • Must be equipped with DOT-approved tires.  Off-road-only tires are illegal.
  • Must have less than 1000 CC engine displacement.
  • Type A: Dry weight must be below 1250 pounds or less width of 50 inches or less.  Type B: Dry weight 2000 pounds or less and a width of 65 inches or less.  Type 3: Dry weight more than 2000 pounds or a width of more than 65 inches or both.
  • Must have a seat or a saddle.
  • Rubberized tracks are legal.
  • If the vehicle is more than 40 inches wide it must have turn signals.
  • Must have a functional speedometer that will illuminate when lights are activated.
  • Must have a horn that can be heard 200 feet away.
  • Must have a working headlight, not less than 24 inches from the ground and not more than 54 inches from the ground.
  • Must have tail lamps on the rear of the vehicle and be plainly visible at a distance of 500 feet to the rear.  Must be mounted no less than 15 inches and no more than 72 inches from the ground.
  •  Stop lamps that are activated when the brakes are applied.
  •  Must have a rear-facing mirror.
  •  Must have a muffler that keeps the engine noise below 86 decibels at 50 feet.

ATV Operator Requirements:

  • ATV must be registered with the Pottawattamie County Recorder annually and pay a registration fee
  • Any operator must be able to provide proof of ownership to any law enforcement officer
  • The operator must have insurance and be able to provide proof of insurance to any law enforcement officer
  • If the ATV is equipped with seatbelts or a harness it must be worn
  • The ATV must comply with all traffic laws

ATV Prohibited Streets and Areas:

  • City parks, bike trails, wildlife areas, streams, or waterways except on designated riding areas and trails
  • Levee system
  • All Interstate systems
  • West Broadway from the city limits to 8th St
  • East Kanesville from 8th St. to the eastern city limits
  • Highway 275 (Veteran’s Memorial Highway)
  • Highway 92
  • ATVs may cross these streets but must be done at approximately 90 degrees where there are no obstructions

Full ATV Ordinance #6446 
Printable ATV Informational Flyer

Unlawful ATV Route

ATV US 92 map

Unlawful ATV Route

ATV US 6 map

Unlawful ATV Route

ATV US 275 map