Coming July 2023: Automated Collection

New and improved solid waste and recycling collection services begin July 3, 2023, for Council Bluffs residents. The service upgrades reflect industry standards with automated collection. 

Automated Collection

Waste Connections is the current vendor for the City of Council Bluffs recycling and solid waste collection services. With several years of experience in Council Bluffs, they will execute the new operation and focus on the customers while being able to retain the same drivers and management staff who have a familiarity with the customer base. The services provided will be upgraded to reflect industry standards via automated collection.

The City of Council Bluffs aims to provide efficient and cost-effective services. Drivers can make approximately 60% more stops per hour with an automated truck improving efficiency, reducing our carbon footprint, and lessening wear and tear on our roads. Additional benefits of automated recycling and solid waste collection include reducing work-related injuries, decreasing employee turnover, easy-to-move carts on wheels, cleaner neighborhood streets, and uniformity of carts.

New Solid Waste Hotline

Questions about trash or recycling? Call Waste Connections at (712) 890-5549.

Printable Recycling Solid Waste Updates Guide

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New Carts Delivery: May & June

To provide automated collection services, Waste Connections is purchasing a new fleet of garbage and recycling trucks, and the City will provide you with a new 96-gallon recycling cart and a new 96-gallon trash cart. Your new 96-gallon carts will be automatically delivered in May and June. 

If you need a smaller cart, you can select a 48-gallon trash or recycling cart. Call (712) 890-5549 or visit us online via the Waste Connect App by April 25, 2023. Please note that there are no cost savings for smaller carts. 

If you need additional capacity, you can order an extra 96-gallon trash cart for $120 per year or an extra 96-gallon recycling cart for $60 per year. You can order additional carts after May 1, 2023, by calling (712) 890-5549 or using Waste Connect App.

With your new carts, you will receive a welcome packet that includes additional resources and information. Please do not use new carts until automated services begin on July 3, 2023. 

Disposing of Old Containers

Save the dates! Waste Connections is hosting a drop-off recycling event for your old garbage and recycling containers. 

If you wish to recycle your old garbage and recycling containers, you can drop them off in the north parking lot of Horseshoe Casino between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. the week of July 10-16, 2023.

If you can not drop them off for recycling, you can set empty containers on the curb with your trash during the weeks of August 7-18, 2023. Mark it with the "TAKE ME" tag included in the welcome packet with your new carts, and Waste Connections will take the container on your regular collection day. Please note: containers picked up curbside will be taken to the landfill. 

Garbage and Yard Waste Services

Yard waste can be combined with garbage in your 96-gallon cart year-round. All materials must fit in the cart with the lid closed; anything placed outside the cart will not be collected. You can set out additional paper yard waste bags during peak times (April 15 -May 31 and October 15 - November 30) on your regular collection day. By eliminating a separate weekly yard waste collection, the City saves over $1 million, reduces carbon emissions, and lessens the wear and tear on our roads.

The curbside collection of bulky waste and appliances stays the same. Residents can still schedule two bulky waste pick-ups and two appliance pick-ups each year. Curbside oil collection will be eliminated, but you can still drop it off at the Recycling Center. 

Extra bag tags are available for $3 at the CB Recycling Center, City Hall Treasurer's Office, and several area grocery stores. Visit for additional details. 

Single-Stream Recycling 

Recycling collection will occur every other week, and your schedule will be included in your welcome packet with your new carts. You will no longer need to sort your recyclables; all acceptable recyclables can go in the same 96-gallon recycling cart for single-stream recycling.

Glass items will no longer be accepted curbside but can still be recycled at the drop-off containers around town and at the CB Recycling Center. Glass was eliminated from the curbside recycling process for several reasons. Glass can be dangerous for recycling workers as it is very difficult to sort, and broken glass can contaminate other recyclables like paper and cardboard, which lowers their value. 

The 96-gallon carts have wheels for easy maneuvering and attached lids to keep recyclables dry and secure, making it easier for you to recycle more. With the added capacity, you no longer need to sort recyclables. To help limit contamination, rinse food and drink containers.

Accepted Recyclables

  • All materials must fit in the cart with the lid closed; anything placed outside the cart will not be collected.
  • Cardboard: broken down, brown paper bags, food and beverage boxes, etc.
  • Metals: rinsed food and beverage cans, etc.
  • Paper: cartons, newspapers, junk mail, magazines, books, etc.
  • Plastic containers: anything with a twist-off lid, plus margarine and yogurt tubs

Not Accepted

Please do not place the following items in your recycling carts: plastic bags, paper towels, to-go containers, berry containers, glass, electrical equipment, batteries, clothing, and toys. Remember that glass is no longer accepted curbside, but you can still recycle glass at the drop-off containers around town and at the Council Bluffs Recycling Center. 


Council Bluffs City Council approved a monthly rate increase of $1 for solid waste collection. The approved rate adjustment begins in July 2023. The new solid waste rate is $21 monthly and is billed quarterly.

Remember, you can sign up for e-bills and set up recurring solid waste payments by clicking "Online Payments" below. You also have the option to pay one year in advance. Questions about your bill? Call the City of Council Bluffs Treasurer at 712-890-5316.