Sewer Maintenance

The Sewer Division is comprised of 17 employees in charge of maintaining the city's vast sewer systems, manholes, catch basins, and levee systems. There are approximately 286 miles of sanitary sewer and 217 miles of storm sewer in Council Bluffs. That is more than enough mileage to go from Council Bluffs to Kansas City and back and enough to get to Chicago or Oklahoma City one-way. As part of sewer maintenance, the division has two jet/vacuum combination units (right) and one jet truck to clean sewers, catch basins, and respond to backups, along with a camera system truck to video inspect sewer lines for damage. During the winter months, the Sewer Division assists with snow maintenance operations.



The Sewer Division is responsible for the 28 miles of levee system around Council Bluffs. Maintenance includes mowing, weed control, tree maintenance, relief well maintenance, and debris removal.

The levee has 44 sluice gates that control the outflow of water to the river and are closed to prevent influx of the river during high water conditions. The gates require regular operation and lubrication to assure efficient operation when they are needed.