Department History


This page was created by Captain Robert L. Miller (retired).

Historical Timeline of Council Bluffs and the Council Bluffs Police

Be sure to read about the history of Council Bluffs and the development of the Police Department through the years by reading the Historical Timeline document.

Historical Photos

An 1889 photo of Council Bluffs Police Officer Elmer Joslin.
Elmer Joslin
The 1898 Patrol Wagon - T. H. 'Harry' James and Arthur W. Slack pose atop the Council Bluffs Police Department's patrol wagon in the doorway of the old patrol barn. Charles Graves, the sewer department foreman, stands in the doorway.
Patrol wagon
The Council Bluffs Police Department in 1902.
1902 Department
The undated department photo is thought to have been taken sometime between the latter half of 1910 and 1913.
The department's 1921 model Thompson sub-machine gun. (photo by Officer Steve Andrews)
Thompson gun
This is a photo of Police Chief George L. Bennett's 1934 Hudson. Bennett purchased the "speedy" Hudson with his own money for police use. From left to right are: Patrolman Cortland E. Tisher, Captain Jesse H. "Jack" Dempster, Chief Bennett, and Captain Elmer C. Lane. (The photo was taken in front of the old police headquarters at Bryant Street and Vine. The large building in the background is the old Central Fire Station; behind that is the old Washington Schoolcupola.)
1934 Hudson