Flexible Benefit Plan

Employees may elect to have pre-tax salary dollars deducted from their pay to cover out-of-pocket expenses such as: copays, coinsurance, non-covered medical, dental, vision and/or dependent care expenses.

Plan Year:
July 1 through June 30
Medical Reimbursement Account:
$2,650 maximum
Dependent Care Reimbursement Account:
$5,000 maximum
Grace period:
90 days from plan year end

To learn more about the program, please see the resources below.

Flexible Spending Overview
Flex Eligible Expenses
Flexible Spending Worksheet

EBS and the City have joined with the FSA Store to offer its employees online shopping for Flexible Benefit eligible products. 
FSA Store Website 


Use this form to request reimbursement for expenses incurred:

FLEX Request for Reimbursement