Fire Station 5

Fire Station 5 and the Regional Training Facility are located at 3405 South 11th Street. Station 5 opened in 1973 and the Regional Training Facility in opened in 2009. Engine 51 responds from this station along with Rescue 52 and Utility 5. Reserve Medic 5 is also housed at Fire Station 5.

Engine 51(1).JPG
Engine 51 is a 2014 Toyne Pumper with a 1500 g.p.m. pump and a 750 gallon water tank.  Engine 51 also carries 40 gallons of firefighting foam. It has a stainless unfinished body to reduce long term corrosion and ensure maintenance costs are kept to a minimum.

Rescue 52 is the department’s primary water rescue boat for Lake Manawa and backup boat for incidents on the Missouri River. Rescue 52 is a 19’ Jon boat equipped with water rescue equipment and a portable pump and fire hose for boat fires.

Utility 5 is a 2010 Ford F-550 that is used to transport Rescue 52 or Hover 5.  It carries extra fuel and all of the water rescue and ice rescue equipment.  
Utility 5

Hover 5 is a Hovertrek 6 passenger Rescue Deluxe Hovercraft.  It is used for ice rescue and swift water rescue.
Hover 5