Headquarters Fire Station

Headquarters Fire Station is located at 200 South 4th Street and opened in 1973. Engine 31, Quint 32, Medic 3, Rescue 30 and Fire Car 2 respond from this station. The Fire Department Administrative offices are located at Headquarters.

Engine 31
Engine 31 is a 2015 Toyne Spartan pumper with a 1500 g.p.m. pump and 750 gallon water tank. Engine 31 carries a full complement of extrication and rescue tools and 40 gallons of firefighting foam.

Quint 32 is a 2000 Pierce 100’ tower ladder with a 2000 g.p.m. pump and 300 gallon water tank. Quint 32 carries a full complement of ground ladders and is also equipped for creek and high angle rescues. Quint 32 is capable of flowing 2000 g.p.m. at the ladder tip.

Medic 3 is a 2015 F450 Osage ambulance. Medic 3 is equipped as an advanced life support transport ambulance.

Fire Car 2 is a 2011 Ford F250 pickup used as the command vehicle for the on duty Assistant Chief. Fire Car 2 has a command and communications platform on a rear slide out unit.

Rescue 30.JPG
Rescue 30 is a 2007 RVI hazardous materials response apparatus. Rescue 30 carries a full complement of meters, hazmat entry suits, decontamination equipment and other equipment necessary to mitigate a release of hazardous materials. Rescue 30 carries resource materials on hazardous materials and is equipped with a breathing air fill station to fill breathing apparatus cylinders.