Fire Station 2

St2Fire Station 2 is located at 30 South 27th Street and opened in 1967. Engine 21, Quint 22, Utility 2, and Medic 2 respond from this station. The firefighters at this station also staff the rescue boat (Rescue 22) on the Missouri River.

Fire Station 2 Apparatus

Engine 21 is a 2008 Toyne pumper with a 1500 g.p.m. pump and 750 gallon water tank. Engine 21 carries 60 gallons of firefighting foam pre-piped to three attack lines.

Q22Quint 22 is a 1995 Smeal Spartan chassis with a 105’aerial ladder, a 1500 g.p.m. pump and 500 gallon water tank. Quint 22 is equipped for creek and high angle rescues.  Quint 22 is capable of flowing 1000 g.p.m. at the ladder tip.

Utility 2(2).JPG
Utility 2 is a 2012 Ford F-550 4x4 Brush Truck.  Utility 2 carries an assortment of tools used to extinguish wild land fires.  It also has a pump and water tank capable of being used while the vehicle is in motion to help expedite extinguishment. Utility 2 also serves as a Quick Response Vehicle (QRV) for Medical Emergencies. It is utilized to transport personnel to the scene of a medical emergency in replacement of an aerial ladder.  This reduces wear and  tear on our large ladder trucks.

Medic 2 is a 2013 F450 Osage ambulance. Medic 2 is equipped 
as an advanced life support transport ambulance.

Rescue 22 is the department’s primary water rescue boat for responsesRescue 22on the Missouri River. Rescue 22 is a 23’ Sea Ark Roustabout equipped
with twin 115 hp engines, water rescue
 equipment, searchlights and a digital sonar/locator. Rescue 22 also carries a portable pump and fire hose for boat fires on the river.