What are the location and maximum height requirements for residential fences and do I need a permit?

The general rules for installing a fence in a residential district are as follows: 1) a fence can be placed on a property line but may not go over onto an adjoining property. 2) in a front yard and along any street, a fence cannot be taller than four feet in height, unless it complies with the appropriate zoning setback standards for the subject property (see FAQ Question #2 for determining zoning setbacks). 3) in a side yard or rear yard, a fence cannot exceed six feet in height. 4) the finished side of a privacy fence must face off-site toward all adjoining properties. 5) permits are not required for residential fences; however, you should contact the Community Development Department at (712) 890-5350 for additional information on allowable fence types in residential zoning districts. Last, always remember "Call Before You Dig" at 1-800-292-8989 or 811.

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